Forms for Pant & Wag Clients

forms for Pant & Wag DC Dog Daycare

All Pant & Wag clients should complete and return the forms below before the first scheduled fitness session.

As part of our green initiatives we try to be as paperless as possible, so we request that you submit the forms below electronically. After completing each form, simply click the 'Submit by Email' button located on the top right corner of the first page. If you are unable to submit the forms electronically, you may fax the forms to: 1-267-381-0064.

All forms are in PDF format. You can download the latest version of the Adobe PDF viewer by clicking here. If you need another format, please just let us know.

Note for Google Chrome users: The latest version of the Chrome Browser has a built in PDF reader that does not feature 'Submit by Email' functionality. You may print and fax the forms to 1-267-381-0064, use a different browser to submit the forms electronically, or use Adobe's PDF viewer with Chrome by following these steps:
1. Type: "about:plugins" in the address bar of Chrome (don't include the quotes)
2. Hit enter and scroll down until you see "Chrome PDF Viewer" 
2. Disable "Chrome PDF Viewer" and enable the "Adobe Acrobat."

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