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DC dog daycare in GeorgetownPlease use the form below for any questions, comments or suggestions and we will reply to your e-mail as soon as we can.

Current customers have their Canine Fitness Trainers personal cell phone and e-mail address for availability from 9:00am - 9:00pm, seven days per week. However, as part of our safety protocols, we do not answer our phones or check our e-mail when we are exercising with dogs. Our attention and focus is 100% on our client's dogs and not on marketing to new clients. While we understand this might cause some frustration for potential new customers, the safety and well being of the dogs in our care is our number one priority and we believe this is the best policy. We do our best to answer calls and e-mails in between pick-ups and drop-offs and during the early evening and morning.

Non-customers may also call us at (202) 239-2925, however, because we do not have a full time administrative staff, using the form below will always result in the fastest response. Thank you for your understanding!

Note: The form below is for general inquires only. To schedule a consultation or to join the wait-list, please click here.

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