DC Dog Walking (Power Walk)

walking dogs in Georgetown, DC

The Pant & Wag Power Dog Walk is often one of the first exercises we do with your dog. The Power Dog Walk serves multiple purposes; It allows us to observe the dog to gauge his or her fitness level, it gives us the opportunity to teach the dog the basic obedience such as proper leash manners, sit, heel, and stay that he/she will need for some of the more sophisticated exercises, and it allows us and the dog to learn to trust each other so we can progress to more advanced workouts.

Unlike ‘normal’ dog walkers, the Power Dog Walk is faster paced and more focused. A weighted doggy back-pack may also be used to intensify the work-out and to give your dog a sense of purpose.

While doggy daycare and dog walkers use a 'cookie-cutter' approach and treat all dogs the same, Pant & Wag fitness programs are developed exclusively for your top dog in Georgetown.

DC Dog Walking is part of Pant & Wag's Fitness Adventures for dogs. Sign-up for a consultation today to get your dog exercising in an enjoyable and highly beneficial aerobic activity.

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