Dog Park Activities

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Dog park activities are a group of exercises and games that occur off-leash in an enclosed dog park. These drills provide both physical and mental stimulation for your dog in an extremely fun environment.

Agility Drills
Agility drills include several of the obstacles found in the dog sport of competitive agility. These obstacles may include tunnels, collapsed tunnels, jumps, pause box, or weave polls.

Buster Cube
Buster Cube is a simple interactive toy for stimulating your dog mentally, and to help him to concentrate and use up excess energy.

Cavaletti Drills
A “cavaletti” is simply a bar laying across the ground or propped slightly off the ground. This drill helps your dog with foot placement and coordination.

Keep Away/Chase
Using the dog’s natural instinct to track, a game of keep away and then chase can provide both mental and physical exertion. A constantly changing strategy will cause your dog to also adapt and learn.

Many dogs have a natural instinct to retrieve. This can provide a ‘sprinting’ opportunity for you dog as he chases down his favorite toy.

Tug of War
When played correctly, and the dog understands the rules, tug-of-war is a natural outlet for energy and exercise. We will first teach your dog the ‘drop-it’ command, so the trainer will always be in control of the game. The game itself provides a competitive outlet for your dog, and sometimes, we might even let him win!

While doggy daycare and dog walkers use a 'cookie-cutter' approach and treat all dogs the same, Pant & Wag fitness programs are developed exclusively for your dog.

Dog Park activities are available on any of our Fitness Adventure workout plansSign-up today to get your increase your dog's fitness level and health.

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