Dog Training Methods

There are essentially two methods of contemporary dog training:

1. Alpha Dog
2. Purely Positive Reinforcement

Alpha Dog is the more traditional method and is employed by Cesar Millan on the popular National Geographic show, The Dog Whisperer, whereas the Purely Positive Reinforcement method is considered more science-based and modern and can be viewed on Animal Planet's It's Me or the Dog with Victoria Stilwell.

Both methods have their pluses and minuses. Curiously however, most dog trainers only subscribe to one method or the other, and vigorously claim their technique is the best while ignoring the attributes of the other style.

Pant & Wag trainers will never hit or strike your dog. We will never yank your dog's leash as a punishment. We don't use "alpha rolls" (pinning the dog to the ground) or "flooding" (subjecting the dog to something he or she doesn't like in large doses). We don't use choke chains, shock collars, or prong collars.

As a general rule, we don't do anything that will cause pain or discomfort to your dog. Our Fitness Adventures are supposed to be fun for your dog, not stressful! We will reward your dog with high praise and sometimes treats when he does something we would like him to repeat. Our positive training method will be fun and enjoyable for your dog especially when combined with a vigorous and consistent exercise program. Your dog isn't bad. He or she is just bored, frustrated, has too much pent up energy, and doesn't understand our expectations (yet!).

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