Treadmill Running for Dogs

While running outdoors is typically preferred, running indoors on a treadmill does have its advantages, mainly a good aerobic workout can be achieved regardless of the weather. Short muzzled dogs such as Boxers or Bulldogs may be moved inside to run on a treadmill if the weather gets too hot, while thin furred/low fat dogs such as Greyhounds or Dobermans may be moved inside if the weather is too cold. Additionally, running on a treadmill provides a consistent and measurable pace that can not be attained outside.

The Pant & Wag treadmill features an incline that adjusts from 0 to a 14% grade, adjustable speed from 3/10 to 6 mph, and a safety mechanism for stopping. A weighted backpack may also be used to intensify the workout. Your dog will never be left unattended while running on the treadmill. A Pant & Wag canine fitness coach will always be in front of the dog, leading and encouraging him, while holding the leash just like they would during an outside jog.

When used correctly running a treadmill can provide an excellent and safe aerobic workout for your dog.

While doggy daycare and dog walkers use a 'cookie-cutter' approach and treat all dogs the same, Pant & Wag exercise programs are developed exclusively forĀ your dog.

Treadmill training is available on private sessions of Pant & Wag's Fitness Adventures. Sign-up today to get your dog exercising in a consistent and highly beneficial aerobic activity.

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