What is Canine Fitness Training?

canine fitness training dog daycare in DCCanine Fitness Training is program which features multiple activities engaged in by dogs through the instruction of a human, which enhances or maintains the dog’s fitness, health, and wellness.

Canine Fitness Training can be performed for various reasons such as helping the dog lose weight, increasing endurance and stamina, strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system, sharpening athletic, hunting, or service skills, to prevent or aid in recovery from sickness or injury, and for the enjoyment of the dog.

Fitness training for dogs should be customized to each dog's skill level, athleticism, body type, age, and breed. Any fitness program for dogs should feature several different exercises to ensure a full body and well rounded workout. For example, dog running and dog walking could be considered part of a canine fitness routine, but additional exercises should be added for a true canine fitness training program and to help keep Fido fit.

Pant & Wag is Washington DC's first and only canine fitness training company. To learn more about how Pant & Wag can improve your dog's health and happiness through our fitness adventures, contact us about scheduling a consultation today.

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