Canine Caravan

Pant & Wag's (PAW) Canine Caravan is a Ford Transit that is specially designed for maximum doggy comfort and safety. Your dog will be transported to/from his Fitness Adventure in the Canine Caravan or other similar automobile for his comfort and safety.

The Canine Caravan features:

• huge payload area where we dogs can stretch out and lay down in lavish style
• both front and back air vents to keep us cool in summer and warm in the winter
• large back window for people watching, barking at SUVs, and other hilarious hijinks you humans wouldn’t understand
• bottom layer of payload is a memory foam mattress that provides luxurious comfort
• top layer is an egg crate foam mattress which allows for air flow to help keep us cool and prevent hot spots
• passenger side front seat is still available for those who like to stick their heads out the window a bit
• sliding doors on both sides, plus rear doors means we can always enter and exit on the non-street side for maximum safety
• best in class fuel efficiency stays consistent with PAW’s green initiatives.

We believe the new Canine Caravan will allow our company to continue to grow, while continuing to provide our current customers with exceptional service. We really appreciate your continued support and please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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