DC Canine Fitness Training

If your dog is a competition sport or show dog a superior canine fitness program is a must.

If you want your dog to contend for championships in agility, flyball, obedience, schutzhund, tracking, water work, or any other athletic competitive event, then your dog needs to be treated like a true professional athlete.

Highly successful human professional athletes learned long ago that training in activities outside of their chosen sport lead to greater success within their chosen sport. The tennis great Pete Sampras, for example, trained for tennis tournaments through boxing workouts. The NFL hall of fame wide receiver, Lynn Swann trained in classical ballet and many other professional football players train in yoga and/or martial arts to help prepare them for football games.

Championship caliber athletic dogs also require cross-training interval and conditioning workouts that go far beyond their basic level of training. For example, a dog contending in an agility competition would highly benefit from an exercise routine that included rugged hiking, balance ball, and aquatic workouts.

Conformation dogs also need an advanced workout regimen. A championship conformation dog needs to be able to exhibit that they can perform the job that they were born to do. If the dog is not conditioned appropriately his or her muscle tone may not be up to par. His or her gait may be inadequate and his or her movement may be deficient.

You are putting your dog a major disadvantage if he or she is not involved in a structured, cross-training fitness program. Pant & Wag will develop a customized workout plan to put your dog on the path to championships!